Happy New year Everyone

Did you know that 88% of Brits who make New Year’s resolutions fail! 😳

And nearly half (43%) of them last less than a month with 80% of them not making it to the end of March!

If you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions, here’s some tips to help you achieve them:

  • 1 Only make one resolution
  • 2 Don’t attempt previously failed resolutions
  • 3 Don’t base your goals on what everyone else is doing
  • 4 Break your goal into a series of small steps
  • 5 Tell your friends and family what you are aiming for
  • 6 Regularly remind yourself of the benefits
  • 7 Give yourself small rewards for achieving each step
  • 8️ Write down your plans and log your progress
  • 9️ Expect set-backs and don’t make these a reason to give up altogether
  • 10 Start today! Don’t wait until the 2nd, don’t wait until “the kids go back to school”, don’t wait until you “go back to work”, don’t start “next Monday”... Tomorrow never comes!
Lorna Jackson