New Years Resolutions

January 12th is the most likely day of the year for people to fail their New Year’s resolutions...

How are you getting on with yours?

Are you still on track? Is it getting easier/harder?

Don’t forget to reward yourself to keep you on track!

And tell people about your goals!
Don’t be put off by the ‘Negative Nancy’s’ who “don’t do New Year’s resolutions” because they set goals all year round anyway...🤚🙄

Having the support of people with similar interests and passions will greatly enhance your chance of success! 💪

Good luck, and keep going whatever your goal may be!

Lorna Jackson
Quads! Kettlebells! Quads! Kettlebells!

Very challenging workout completed by the Boot Campers early this morning at The Chase!

Double Tabata superset of KB Goblet Squats and KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls for 8 minutes (20s work, 10s rest, 8 rounds)

Followed by 5 rounds of:
KB Walking Lunges 20m
Burpee Broad Jumps 20m
Bear Crawl 20m

Completed in teams of three, therefor getting your rest in whilst your other two teammates complete their sets!

Lorna Jackson
Marathon Strength Training

Great strength training session with Emma this morning!

Emma is currently combining two strength training sessions a week with her four times a week running program for the London Marathon this April!

Follow Emma’s journey on her Instagram page at i_run_13point1

Lorna Jackson
First Boot Camp session of 2018!

First Boot Camp session of 2018 complete today with the guys at The Chase Health Club!

Working in pairs they had 25 minutes to get through the following list of exercises starting at 30 reps per exercise with two shuttle runs.

Each round the reps reduced by five, whereas the shuttle runs increased by two.

1) Dumbbell Shoulder Press
2) Push-ups
3) Alternate Kettlebell Clean
4) High to Low Plank
5) Sea Turtles

Give it a go and see how many rounds you can complete in the 25-minutes.

Want to work that little bit harder?
Attempt this workout on your own with no rest between each exercise! 💪🏋️‍♀️

Lorna Jackson
New Year, New Focus

If you always stop when you feel tired or out of breathe or uncomfortable, it’s like falling at the first hurdle every time...

Next workout push for 11 reps instead of 10, lift 22kg instead of 20kg, run 3.2 miles instead of 3... get over that first hurdle and tackle the second!
Each week push for that little bit extra and the progress you’ll make by the end of 2018 will amaze you!

Lorna Jackson
Happy New year Everyone

Did you know that 88% of Brits who make New Year’s resolutions fail! 😳

And nearly half (43%) of them last less than a month with 80% of them not making it to the end of March!

If you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions, here’s some tips to help you achieve them:

  • 1 Only make one resolution
  • 2 Don’t attempt previously failed resolutions
  • 3 Don’t base your goals on what everyone else is doing
  • 4 Break your goal into a series of small steps
  • 5 Tell your friends and family what you are aiming for
  • 6 Regularly remind yourself of the benefits
  • 7 Give yourself small rewards for achieving each step
  • 8️ Write down your plans and log your progress
  • 9️ Expect set-backs and don’t make these a reason to give up altogether
  • 10 Start today! Don’t wait until the 2nd, don’t wait until “the kids go back to school”, don’t wait until you “go back to work”, don’t start “next Monday”... Tomorrow never comes!
Lorna Jackson
New Year, New You?

New Boot Camp starting Monday 8th January 2018! @The Chase Golf, Health Club and Spa

Six weeks of high-intensity, fun, fat-burning workouts to get you back on track in 2018! 😅

Only four spaces left so get in touch quick to guarantee your place!

Lorna Jackson