Hayley, 24
Ante Natal Fitness

As a Personal Trainer myself many would ask, 'why do you need your own trainer?'
Having found out I was expecting a baby I was overwhelmed with the concern 'should I be doing this, shouldn't I be doing this?' I approached Sean for some advice; Sean having recently completed his antenatal training qualification suggested that we put together a steady programme to allow me to continue my ever love for training in a safe and controlled environment, with his guidance.
My initial understanding of pregnancy related training was very basic and with Sean’s support, he took my knowledge to a whole new level. From my actual sessions to little day to day tips, Sean gave me the confidence to continue to train and maintain, even increase my activity levels throughout my pregnancy.
When initially starting my programme we agreed that throughout my pregnancy the focus was to maintain a stable fitness level, yet week on week we saw improvement after improvement in strength, endurance and general fitness.
With Sean's support I was able to continue my training up until the week before my little boy was due and I'm confident in saying that with the right support, guidance and knowledge from Sean we kept my body in full health and prepared for what I can only say was a 'manageable' labour!!