Isha, 29
Postnatal Exercise

I approached Sean after having my first child. The aim was to get me back to playing hockey and to improve my all-round fitness, but what I got from Sean was so much more….
My workouts at first were very restricted from my end as I suffered with a condition called SPD in my hips. Anyone who has had this will understand how painful it can be. However, this didn’t stop Sean from providing challenging but fun and diverse workouts each session.
During my journey Sean kept an eye on my food diaries and he was so supportive not only in the sessions but also with the personal challenges I had set myself outside of the gym. In the short period from February to July I have managed to smash my personal goals, returning to hockey and feeling fitter than I have done in years. My SPD is now virtually non-existent and as an added bonus I managed to lose 3 stone along the way.
I am so happy that I made the decision to contact Sean because in doing so I have changed my whole lifestyle for the better. I have always lived an active life but not necessarily a healthy one.
I honestly can’t recommend Sean highly enough, for anyone considering Personal Training sessions, post pregnancy or not I would say it’s the best money I have ever spent.